Don’t you just love the faces Jim Kerouac makes when he’s topping? Here he is with Vadim Farrell. [Download the scene here]

Don’t you just love the faces Jim Kerouac makes when he’s topping? Here he is with Vadim Farrell. [Download the scene here]

Sometimes recruiting models can involve making tough choices.

Gerry Dean is an example of one of these. We would have preferred Gerry to not have shaved his pubes before he came in, but when he turned up for the casting he had almost no hair. The choice then was to send him away, and risk him never coming back again, or to film him and then convince him to grow some hair back for future performances. Of course we chose to film him as he was, as he is way to cute to let get away. 

Do you think we made the right choice?

Jim Kerouac’s epic cumshot into and Claude Sorel

Jim Kerouac’s epic cumshot into and Claude Sorel

Anyone in the mood for some Peters Twins? Anyone in the mood for some Peters Twins?

Anyone in the mood for some Peters Twins?

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Jim Kerouac and Claude Sorel condom-free

Jim Kerouac and Claude Sorel!

Ryan Kutcher’s masculine and muscular physique has allowed Joan Crisol to create a military fantasy for us in this photoset. As always, Ryan is ‘ready to serve’.

Behind the scenes with Kevin Warhol and Jett Black from their shoot in NYC. Not a member yet? Click here to join:free/TourVerified/?WMID=207256

It’s going to be very hot this summer!!! Hoyt Kogan



BelAmi announced that they would be pulling their latest release “REBELS" from the UK due to mandatory cuts the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) demanded in order to give the film the R18 classification needed to be released in the United Kingdom.  "REBELS" is from BelAmi’s successful twink line, KINKY ANGELS that features BelAmi’s youngest generation of superstar models.

The source of contention revolves around a scene 45 mins into the movie where Jack Harrer is sick and the other Kinky Angels come over to help him get well.  First things first so they decide to take Jack’s temperature the old fashioned way by sticking a thermometer where the sun doesn’t shine. Apparently this type of medical attention is not deemed viewable in the UK: 

After the BBFC informed BelAmi of the mandatory changes the studio quickly rejected them.

Luca Norcen, Head of BelAmi’s global DVD operations says of the BBFC ruling “This whole affair is so utterly ridiculous it borders on the absurd. The BBFC should begin treating UK viewers as responsible adults rather than children”.  He goes on to say, “Upon careful evaluation, we feel we cannot go ahead with the proposed cut. It will compromise the integrity of the scene, its unique flavor and its natural buildup. As far as a thermometer constituting penetration with an object which may cause harm I find that hard to believe given every mom in the world of a certain age has done it a zillion times with her kids!”

A senior adviser at the BBFC explained that there is potential for harm if someone were to copy the scene using the thermometer due to the fact that glass thermometers are apparently to be avoided as they could break!

Censorship has long been a problem in the UK and this latest example might have some saying that the BBFC are going overboard when trying to keep grown adults from harming themselves.

"REBELS" complete with thermometer and all will be released on April 1st in the US via PULSE and at the end of the month in the EU via Millivres Prowler Group.

Fans can check out the February edition of KINKY ANGELS to see what all the fuss is about if you can’t wait till the release of the DVD. The scenes in question are: “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” with Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta and “MIRACULOUS MEDICINE” with Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta.

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